1. Profile: Research
  2. Professional category: DOCTOR JUNIOR
  3. Tasks: Develop AI-based models related to quality and managerial aspects linked to I4.0.
  4. Place of work: ETSII, Secretary Board
  5. Address: Jose Gutiérrez Abascal, 2, 28006 Madrid
  6. Working time: 37.5 h/week
  7. Annual gross salary: €24.000
  8. Expected duration: 12 months
  9. Expected start date: 15-04-21
  10. Required degree: PhD in Management with Specialization in AI
  11. Required experience:
  • Two papers related to management and/or AI/IoT already published in Q1 or Q2 journals.
  • Good Skills in Programming C and Python
  • Knowledge in maintaining Spark cluster
  • Rule association building models

The hired people will be included into the PMQ research team during the year of work.