Información Personal

Nombre: Miguel Ángel Ortega Mier
Centro UPM: ETSI Industriales Unidad: Organización de la Producción
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Miguel Ortega-Mier is Industrial Engineering and obtained his PhD in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. I am professor in the Department, Organizational Engineering, Business Administration and Statistics of UPM from 2011. I worked before in the Univeesidad Carlos III de Madrid.

From 2018 I am the Head of this department.

These are courses that I ussualy teach: Operations Research I (Mathematical Programming, LP), Advanced Operations Research, Discrete Event Simulation, Operations Management, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Network Science, etc.

I am the Head of the "Ingeniería de Organización y Logística" research group.

My main research areas are Operations Research, Operations Management and Logistics. In Industry 4.0, he works in the Analytics area (Decision Systems).

I have published more than 20 research papers indexed in ISI-JCR and 25 in Scopus. He translated a famous Event Discrete Software (Witness) to Spanish and in author of a software registration about management of railway systems with simulation.

Moreover, I founded the spin-off company of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid called baobab soluciones that it is leader in the support to big industrial and service european companies in their decisions.

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